The room opens on a window with windowpanes like panels sealed with lead, where the Miniscalchi and Erizzo coats of arms are painted in alternate succession.

Detail of the glass window with the coat of arms of the Erizzo family.


On the walls there are five paintings hanging within frames which reproduce some forefathers of the Miniscalchi family. The most famous character is certainly Luigi Miniscalchi who was the first President of the Agriculture Academy, founded in Verona in 1769 by the Republic of Venice.
On the left of the entrance door there is the genealogical tree for the "proof of the four-quarters" of nobility of Marcantonio Miniscalchi-Erizzo (1844-1906): there appear the miniated coats of arms of all the families to whom the Miniscalchi became related between XVIII and XIXc.

A partial view of the room.


In the room furniture they point out four solemn baroque walnut armchairs engraved according to Brustolon's style (last quarter of the XVIIc.) covered with precious fabric and a beautiful centre table of the "Louis Philip" age.

One of the four armchairs engraved (Venetia, end of the XVIIc.).




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